Social Media Coaching

Hello Lovelies!!

In the few months since the birth of my blog, I have received many requests regarding blog and instagram development. What is blog and instagram development? This is essentially everything that goes into creating and maintaining a blog or instagram visually, communicatively, or otherwise.

So, I have decided to offer my services as a visual and graphic designer! If you would like to:

  • get started with your blog
  • define your brand
  • maintain a consistent visual appeal for your followers
  • better plan your blogging or instagramming career

The following options are for you!

Individual Image 5.00 USD

This option involves editing/designing a single image of any size or dimension for an instagram post, a story post, blog post, or other social media. This also includes personalized logo design.

Image Series 10.00 USD

This option is essentially the same as the Individual Image but can include up to 10 images of different designs and dimensions for one blog, instagram or project. 

Single Session Coaching 20.00 USD

This option is also known as the initial coaching consultation. The initial coaching consultation involves a complete review of your public content on your blog and/or your Instagram, followed by a custom plan of action including blogging ideas, instagram feed planning, influencer tips and tricks, and techniques for interacting with potential fans,  followers, and connections. 

Multi Session Coaching 15.00 USD

This option is an extension of the Single Session Coaching. Each session following the initial consultation will simply be a follow-up session of similar style (with all the elements above) and cost 15.00 USD per return session. 

Complete Package 25.00 USD initial, 20.00 USD returning (save 5.00 USD)

The Complete Package involves both the Image Series and the Coaching Session. With both the initial consultation and any returning consultations, you can receive a series of up to 10 images for half the cost!

If you are interested in working with me or you have more questions regarding these services, please contact me using the information below!


use the subject “Graphics” and/or “Coaching”

Regarding payment, I will be using PayPal because it is the most reliable and secure for buyers!

For now I will be offering only these services, but soon I hope to create Lightroom presets for editing and individualized curricula for monetizing your blog and collaborating with brands! Stay tuned!



3 thoughts on “Social Media Coaching

  1. I’m impressed by the affordable prices & variety of options you have! I’ll definitely keep you in mind for my blogger friends & own personal use 🙂


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