How To Revamp Your Goals

Hey guys! Kax (@oxford.made) here!

2020 is looking entirely different than we thought it would, so lets adapt for the current situation! Everything about our normal routines/living is different now, so why not switch it up!


Here are my top quarantine goals:


My goal is to have atleast 75%, if not 100% of these items done before the end of quarantine! This can be anything, from hanging those curtains, to redecorating a room in your house, to DIY-ing those pairs of pants you have been wanting for a year, or finally learning how to make a dessert you have been thinking about. Sit down and be specific with this list. Make a game of it and see how much you can check off and how quickly you can do it!


With the lack of structure my days have had during this time, I really fell out of doing my routine… because after all, I don’t have anywhere to go right? Still, I realized without my routine, I haven’t been setting myself up for the day, and haven’t been getting anything done in consequence. Take 2 hours for yourself in the morning to set your day up right, so you can still be that girl boss you want to be during this time. Get up, chug some water, do your yoga, go for a walk, do some reading, DON’T TOUCH YOUR PHONE! After that, schedule in your google calendar (yes, you should still be using that even though you aren’t leaving the house) everything else you need to do and KEEP IT CONSISTENT. That means your online school routine, workout routine, and whatever else you need to do. 


This isn’t the brightest time, but I am fortunate enough to have the ability to spend this time bettering myself. And really if I come out of quarantine without working towards this goal- and if I’m being honest, also 10 pounds heavier with the way I have been quarantine boredom eating, I know I will be so mad at myself. Won’t you? So start small, and make no excuses. Eat better, do some pushups, go on a jog. Stick with it, so your body will be able to do harder and harder workouts, and then before you know it, you’re out of quarantine ready for bikini season!



During most of quarantine so far, I have been very unproductive- mostly because of stress. BUT THEN, I woke myself up and realized, that when do I have this much time? There are always so many things I’m needing/wanting to know but never have the self-control or time to look into. Sit down and do your research. Finally start reading into real estate investing. Finally start looking into ways to organize your business paperwork correctly. No excuses- start with an audio book if you need to. And while we’re at it, why not REALLY get to know your college course material. I mean really get to know what your talking about, not just memorize for the next test and hurriedly rush onto the next subject just to get your homework done. Know your stuff enough to be able to discuss it with others and know you will be that much more ready for your future career. 


This will probably be different for you if you don’t have a business of course, but I am making this one of my goals because it is time to get. It. Done. 


With being a full-time student and having another job other than my business, I often have to put certain projects, launches, and research on hold so that I can focus on school. I often watch others doing similar things that I would like to have done too, but have to hold back because I know I can’t divide my focus from school just yet. 

But now is the time that I can do all these things! Stay tuned for my next restock on April 14th to celebrate my 21st birthday! 

These are uncertain times, but you might as well make it one of growing and working on yourself instead of sitting around the house in an anxious, helpless state! If you have the resources available to you to do these things, you really should! Don’t think too hard on that and make excuses, because chances are you have everything you need to get started. So just do It! Sit down and take the time to really think of your top 5 quarantine goals and get started. 

The next few weeks (or however long. I don’t actually know what day it is) my small, studio apartment will be self-improvement central! I am so excited to see where I am with my goals at the end of quarantine 2020.


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