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Mobile Presets are finally here and available for preorder!! You have no idea for how long this project has been in the works and how excited I am for this launch!! I am releasing 5 TOTAL PRESETS, available in a pack of 5, a pack of 3, or individually! These presets are perfect for iPhone photos and are easy to use with the free Lightroom app! I will be continuing the pre-order prices I had from the spring which is extra exciting!! Once you place your order, your presets will be sent to you via email within 24 hours!!

Are you ready to meet the five original  presets?? Drumroll please!!




This is my MOST USED preset! I typically use this one when I shoot flatlays or other indoor content around my apartment! I almost named this preset “supermarket” because I often use it to combat poor lighting!




Direct sunlight or shadows?? No problem! Sunshine combats harsh contrast while keeping things warm – it also provides a nice tan and is perfect to emphasize yellow accents!




I use this one for days when I am shooting in perfect cloud cover – the lighting is even but the colors are a little dark and blue so cloudy warms them right up!




I made this one last fall for my brief burgundy feed, and it is perfect if you are looking for something to emphasize warmer colors without any harsh exposure!




Lastly, if you are looking for the perfect bright pink feed, Colorful has you covered with saturated hues and insta-worthy exposure!


Fall Preset Pack


This pack includes 5 MORE presets designed for various lighting and color for the fall and winter season! New presets include Burgundy 2, Ellie, Ginger Spice, Green Juice Mimosa, and Ice Babe!!


Spring Preset Pack


Finally, here are my five LATEST presets perfect for Spring and Summer featuring two new versions of the popular Ice Babe: Ice Babe 2 and Ice Babe 3, as well as new presets, Valentine, Sun Babe, and my new favorite: Dark Turquoise!



Adelia Lauren Mobile Presets

This preset pack includes all five original mobile presets: Burgundy, Classic, Cloudy, Colorful, and Sunshine!


Adelia Lauren Fall Mobile Preset Pack

This pack includes 5 NEW presets: Burgundy 2, Ellie, Ginger Spice, Green Juice Mimosa, and Ice Babe!


Adelia Lauren Mobile Spring Preset Pack

This pack includes 5 BRAND NEW presets, perfect for a variety of modern, viral-worthy shots including Dark Turquoise (my current favorite), Ice Babe 2, Ice Babe 3, Sun Babe, and Valentine. Each of these presets has something special to really make your photos look professional!


Adelia Lauren Mobile Presets ORIGINAL 3 Pack

This preset pack includes the Classic, Cloudy, and Sunshine presets, perfect for a variety of color pallets and light settings! Order these three for the perfect colorful feed!


Adelia Lauren Mobile Presets ICE BABE 3 Pack

The most popular presets: Ice Babe, Ice Babe 2, and Ice Babe 3 are a perfect combination for a cohesive feed! These natural cool tones create a subtle color pallet with a variety of light settings for any original photo!


Adelia Lauren Custom Individual Preset

Do you want a cohesive look for all your photo editing? Let me create a personalized preset for you! Once you purchase the Custom Preset I will work with you via email to figure out the exact color pallet and look for the majority of your photos!



As a reminder, due to the nature of digital content, presets cannot be returned once they are in your possession. For any questions or concerns, please contact