Update!! All Adelia Lauren Mobile Presets are now FREE! Enjoy!


Mobile Presets are finally here and available for preorder!! You have no idea for how long this project has been in the works and how excited I am for this launch!! I am releasing 5 TOTAL PRESETS, available in a pack of 5, a pack of 3, or individually! These presets are perfect for iPhone photos and are easy to use with the free Lightroom app!

Are you ready to meet the five original  presets?? Drumroll please!!


Classic Preset Pack


The original pack includes my favorite presets: Classic, Sunshine, Cloudy, Burgundy, and Colorful! This collection adapts to a variety of lighting and creates a fun “pink feed”




Fall Preset Pack


This fall pack includes 5 MORE presets designed for various lighting and color for the fall and winter season! New presets include Burgundy 2, Ellie, Ginger Spice, Green Juice Mimosa, and Ice Babe!!


Spring Preset Pack


Finally, here are my five LATEST presets perfect for Spring and Summer featuring two new versions of the popular Ice Babe: Ice Babe 2 and Ice Babe 3, as well as new presets, Valentine, Sun Babe, and my new favorite: Dark Turquoise!




Donate to Adelia Lauren Mobile Presets

I want my presets to be available to everyone. If you are able and willing, I would love to sustain my business through donation. That way, you pay what you want for content and I get to keep doing what I love!



To use your presets please follow the instructions below! 

1. Download the free Adobe Lightroom app and set up a free account if it prompts you

2. You can access the preset packs below:

3. once you are able, download the file to your camera roll or to the Lightroom app – I recommend doing this on a mobile device or using air drop with your computer. Once each file is open, tap the three dots in the top right corner, then scroll through your options until you see “open in.” Select whatever application is easiest for you, though I recommend selecting the Lightroom app

4. The Lightroom app should automatically open and you will see the edited image

5. The great thing about this preset is it is adjustable, so once you have it in your Lightroom app, you can edit the settings to work for the image you are editing

6. To quickly apply the settings to the image you want to edit, tap the three dots in the top corner of the Lightroom app, then click “copy settings” – once you have these settings copied you can easily paste them onto any new image (tap the three dots, then “paste settings”)

7. This may seem like a lot of steps to set up the presets in your Lightroom app, but once you have the .dng file downloaded to your app, using the preset on any image is completely easy! I recommend keeping an album of the presets to visit as you need to copy the settings in the future! 

As a reminder, due to the nature of digital content, presets cannot be returned once they are in your possession. For any questions or concerns, please contact